Mike says:

"Family Portraits are some of my favourite sessions. A good location

 and a happy family makes for an enjoyable way to spend an hour."


Location, Location, Location...


When you book a family sitting with us you have your choice of locations:


1. At a local park, natural area or architectural spot - we know most of the KW & area's best sites.


2. In your home or backyard


3. In our new 750 sq. ft. studio


4. Outside amongst our 30 acres along the Grand River


5. In our vintage 1883 barn - complete with straw bales & wagon wheels -a unique, country portrait!


6. Fly me somewhere warm & we'll do a beach shot. Margarita's are on me.


What to wear?



1. A large group with a mix of different patterns will look busy - so solids are best. Remember it's your faces that should be the center of attention!

2. Co-ordinate colours with other family members.  It'll make the portrait better & you'll look like you all belong together.  

3. Keep everyone at same level of dressiness.  Having John in a t-shirt & Bob in a suit looks bad (esp. for John!).

4. Dress appropriately for the location.   Casual location like the barn or outdoors = nice, casual clothes.  

5. Earth tones & muted colours are safe bets.  Again, the focus should be you, not your clothes.  Strong colours or patterns tend to stand out (=bad) & may clash with others.